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Agriculture accounts for one-third of gross-domestic product (GDP) and three-quarters of employment in Sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya included. In Kenya, agriculture contributes to 25% of the gross domestic product (GDP).  Agriculture in Kenya is predominantly practiced by small holder farmers in high potential areas.  Mostly, the farm range from an average of between 0.2-3 ha. However, agriculture productivity is stagnating even as the population of the country continuous to grow. High population pressure leads to intense cultivation which results to land degradation and poor soil fertility.

This poses critical challenges to food security in the country as two million to four million people receive food aid annually. Furthermore, inadequate knowledge to deal with various challenges affecting agricultural sector contributes to slow realization of strategic action plan of alleviating poverty in the world.

Hence, agriculture institute helps in the achievement of food secure and better livelihood of small scale farmers by offering various courses in agriculture with the aim of providing training on diverse fields of agriculture with a view to strengthening the knowledge and capacity of African policy makers, including senior managers, negotiators, advisors, planners and analysts, to meet the core challenges of growing the agricultural sector as a main engine of national economic development.

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