Data Management and Analysis


In the world today, there has been increase in the number of data gathering initiative on baseline surveys, socio-economic surveys, demographic and health surveys, nutrition surveys, food security surveys, program evaluation surveys, employees, customers and vendor satisfaction surveys and opinion polls among others. All these surveys are intended to provide data for decision making.

The precision and quality of decision extracted from the respective surveys depends on the methods and procedures used to obtain the data. Therefore before carrying out our survey we should be oriented to the best methods to obtain the data.

Data collection should be carried out using the appropriate software that can convert data into appropriate formats. Correctly identifying appropriate statistical test and relevant statistical software (SPSS, Stata, R, Ms. Excel) is a requirement for successful data analysis. During processing of data, the type of data should be taken into consideration, for example whether it is cross-sectional, time series or panel data. These surveys assists to bring most of scientific studies into clear and better understanding since when data is analyzed, the summary of the study is simply understood. Worldwide, many countries has expanded their survey scope for prediction and policy recommendations. Opinion polls relies on analysis of data to determine who is more likely to win in an election; public perception and preference. This helps a lot since it discards any benefit of doubt. A lot is covered in this area of study for example Report writing for surveys, data dissemination, its demand and use.

As a leading advocate of Research, Data Management and Statistics, IRES has organized a five days course to be held in Kigali, Rwanda on Processing and Analysis of Data for Surveys/Assessment (Methodology and Software) that aims at expanding the concept of research design survey process, how to perform simple to complex data management tasks using SPSS/STATA/R/MS- Excel. Use of mobile data gathering tools such as Open Data Kit (ODK), and report writing skills are also covered. The course will be held between 9th – 13th October, 2017. For more information click on the link below and secure your chance to gain fundamental skills in Research and data management.


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