Social Media Marketing is the new wave that has taken over the digital marketing industry. Through social media marketing businesses can now reach the huge customer base online, build an online presence, interact with other brands and get feedback on their products and services. Using social media can greatly increase your online community while boosting your brand as an organization.

Tips that can help leverage on the power of social media marketing.

  • Listen

In order to be successful with social media marketing you need to listen to your audience. Social media is a great platform to get feedback on the products and services you offer, test new products and services you would like to introduce to the market and even conduct regular surveys. Listening guides you in posting content that will engage your audience and spark conversation.

  • Consistency

Consistency is key in social media marketing. In order to effectively reach and capture your audience, it is important to have a consistent brand through all your social media platforms, focus your posts on your specific area of expertise and update your social media sites regularly.

  • Content

Social media is all about capturing your audience in a short span of time because there is so much content to be consumed. What would make someone stop and read your post or even click on a link you have provided? This is where content comes in. Your content should be interesting, shareable and it should have the ability to spark curiosity and arouse passion in your audience.

  • Crisis Management

Every organization with a platform on social media will inevitably have to face a crisis at some point. Whether it’s an unsatisfied customer or a technical issue that has affected the delivery of your products and services, social media can greatly ruin your organization’s reputation if such crisis is not handled correctly. Every social media manager should have draft responses ready in case of such a situation.

  • Cross pollinate

The beauty of social media platforms is that they can be directly linked to your website, email software and any other digital platform you may have thus it is important to link your social media sites with all other platforms so as to grow your online community.

  • Use Influencers

Influencers are specific people in your industry that command a huge social media following, have a wide reach through their posts and are trendsetters. Identify the influencers in your industry, find out what drives them and engage them to build your online brand.

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By: Mark Muriithi

Digital Marketer – IRES Kenya


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