Digital Marketing is derived from two words; Digital and Marketing. Digital is modern or emerging trends in technology while marketing is the art of making known of the unknown. Digital Marketing is therefore the art of making known of the unknown using different forms of emerging technologies. The different forms of digital marketing are a wide topic for discussion which includes; SEO, PPC, PR, Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Viral Marketing and Influencer marketing just to mention a few. Most companies today have opted to these forms of marketing because they have a high Return on Investment unlike in the past century where marketing was purely door to door.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the use of google AdWords to monitor traffic on your website, is ranked among the first and strongest forms of digital marketing and is considered long term unlike Pay Per Click Advertising where by it ceases to exist once you stop paying. Content Marketing is the way to go for SEO to be considered successful. It is highly advisable to customize your content to the keywords you decide to choose and in accordance to the relevant searches of your products or services for your SEO.

Social Media marketing is seemingly taking over digital marketing.  Companies like Jumia and Soko Halali are doing very well thanks to social media marketing. There are six most effective types of social media marketing. However, you need to know what works well for which field or industry in your business: for Social Networking, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google + are very efficient. For Micro blogging a company can consider Twitter and Tumblr, for Photo Sharing Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest are very favorable while if a company wants to share videos, a company can opt to use You Tube, Facebook Live, Periscope and Vimeo.

Email Marketing is key in every corporate company. Sending personalized emails to specific target audience introducing your company profile is likely to yield a high percentage of sales and create traffic in your website. It makes the recipient feel as if you know them personally.  Influencer marketing, although very expensive, is a very good form of marketing.  This is whereby a company partners with celebrities or bloggers to promote their products and services. This form of marketing is what has kept companies like Unilever and Bidco Kenya going even during tough economic crisis situations in Kenya especially last year (2017) due to the political crisis in the country that saw companies like Nakumatt and Mumias Sugar go down. Unilever once used Charles Ndambuki aka “Churchill” to promote blue band in primary schools on his “Totos corner” aired on his Churchill show.  Blaze (BYOB) by Safaricom is a big beneficiary of influencer marketing and is growing by the day. So, you are considering this as one of your digital marketing strategies, then this is the best time to go about it.

Affiliate marketing is promoting other company’s products or services, and this is best done by agencies or marketing companies whose sole focus is to enhance a brands image. Some companies however have taken the bold step to partner on certain products and services. However, this might work against them if either company or brand loses market share.

Viral marketing is transmitting a creative campaign using various techniques such as public relations, internet and existing social networks. It allows audience interaction and makes it easy to share multiplatform messages and it includes calls to action.

So, whether you are a small business owner or whether you work for a multinational, digital marketing is vital when it comes to brand growth and presence.

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