The Essentials of Good Report Writing


The Essentials of Good Report Writing

You are head of business relations in that Insurance firm you work for. Your firm wants to come up with an effective mechanism to draw in more overseas clients to your online sales. You are tasked to a report detailing customer numbers visiting your online portal and make recommendations to your superiors.

How does one go about? Of course, you know what a report is, that is it a clear and structured document presenting information to the reader that should be acted upon. How do we write good reports? From writing business reports, scientific lab reports and case studies reports; all reports have a key aspect. Structure, structure, structure! All reports are divided into distinct structures that succinctly identify the different contents.

Reports may use specific subheadings and headings, graphical figures or pictorial representation and may/may not include a section for recommendations and appendices that detail out the various pieces of information.

Many of us use the word ‘report’ and ‘essay’ interchangeably. A report is not an essay. Nor is an essay a report. While reports present information, essays present arguments. Essays are used to demonstrate the writer’s analytical prowess while reports are used for decision making and action based on the content written in them. It is also worth noting that unlike essays, reports have numerous subheadings.

Good and effective report writing is not only needed in workplace communication but also an essential tool fulfils the objectives of an organization to its concerned parties, hence learning great report writing skills is needed for professionals.

Indepth Research Services has organized training on Report writing skills to be held on 19th-20th March 2018 ,Nairobi Kenya, which will demonstrate to participants  a systematic approach to report writing so that they are able to write clear, logically structured reports in less time.

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