The Importance of ICT in Emerging Nations


The Importance of ICT in Emerging Nations

Innovation through technological ways and Information Communication Technologies (ICT’s) act as a way for developing nations to foster economic development, improve education levels and bridge the gender disparity gap within the society.

When it comes to Entrepreneurship, wireless technology and ICT infrastructure development play a vital role in business development. In many emerging nations, it is extensively difficult to get necessary capital and marketing information. This is so because, developing nations, specifically, do not have a fully functional IT industry besides having limited financial resources.

Nevertheless, there has been significant gains made by developing nation to improve their IT sector. A good example is Kenya, where internet penetration is at 80%. This is good news as now more Kenyans have access to information which is quite remarkable. In addition, NGO’s like the farmers Helpful Network Kenya (FHNK) give agricultural producers access to the latest research through an app on their mobile phones. This helps farmers improve their agricultural production as well as increasing their overall income.

Mobile payment represents a revolutionized cashless society. It embodies a way that is designed to reduce the financial transactional costs and thereby benefits the entrepreneur. If people can transfer money quickly and efficiently at their convenience, then it makes it easier for the small businesses to sell their products. This has been greatly demonstrated by the Kenyan mobile banking system, M-PESA.

In a nutshell, the ICT sector has enabled the disadvantaged and the community to access a wide array of investors, suppliers and customers. With the power of social media, people can extend their reach through computers and mobile devices to pool resources in useful ways.

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