Women and handbags


A handbag is something that every woman carries with her. Whether going to a picnic, shopping or a party, this bag has become like a friend that follows its owner everywhere. It has become rare to see a woman without a handbag as it is a symbol of a woman’s taste.

In the recent past, handbags were considered to be accessories that complimented and matched an outfit, now they have become fashion statements. They are available in various colors, styles,  designs and shapes.

These highly desired beautiful and practical bags have become very important to women. They help women to carry many items in an organized manner. Items that are carried in handbags are among others; mobile phones, clothes, sun glasses, notebooks, diary, snacks, umbrellas and anything else that may fit in. Mothers choose to own custom made handbags that can be used to carry baby items such as diapers and milk bottles.

Due to the value given to handbags, designers are now focusing on creating bags that are good, attractive and eye-catching to women. This has brought about a purchasing and supply chain management process that cannot be ignored in today’s environment. Considering this, IRES has organized a five days course on procurement and supply chain management that aims at introducing you to the fundamental aspects of the supply chain environment, including enterprise resource planning systems and requirement systems. The inter-relationship between purchasing, vendor selection, sources of supply and technology will also be explored in this program. For more information visit: indepthresearch.org/governance to secures your chance to gain necessary skills.

By: Fredrick Githui

Corporate Marketer – IRES Kenya

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