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What is NVivo?

NVivo is a platform for analysing unstructured data. It helps you to organise, explore and share your work easily and quickly.

Whatever your materials, whatever your field, whatever your approach, NVivo provides a workspace to help you at every stage of your project - from organising your material, through to analysis, and then sharing and reporting.

With NVivo you can deeply analyse your data using powerful search, query and visualisation tools. Uncover subtle connections, add your insights and ideas as you work, rigorously justify findings, and effortlessly share your work.

Who uses NVivo?

  • Government agencies use NVivo to deliver evidence-based findings and shape policy.
  • Businesses use NVivo in pilot studies, program evaluation and to inform decision-making.
  • Academics use NVivo to produce rigorous research.
  • Whatever your profession, if you are working with unstructured data, then NVivo and help you.

From health research and program evaluation, to customer care, human resources and product development - NVivo is used in virtually every field. The UK Policy Studies Institute and Progressive Sports Technologies are two such institutions that use NVivo to harness information and insight.

What does NVivo help you achieve?

Individuals use NVivo for:

  • Spend more time on analysis and discovery, not administrative tasks.
  • Work systematically and ensure you don’t miss anything in your data.
  • Interrogate your information and uncover subtle connections in ways that simply aren’t possible manually.
  • Rigorously justify your findings with evidence.
  • Manage all your material in one project file.
  • Easily work with material in your own language.
  • Effortlessly share your work with others.

Organisations use NVivo for:

  • Get the most out of your data – from customer and employee feedback to information about product performance – to make new discoveries and ultimately, better decisions.
  • Easily manage your information and enhance your internal workflow and reporting processes.
  • Deliver quality outputs backed by a transparent discovery and analysis process.
  • Justify decision making with sound findings and evidence-based recommendations.
  • Revisit data easily – build up the big picture over time.
  • Increase productivity and reduce project timeframes.


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