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The institute aims to impact knowledge in applied aspects of GIS and Remote Sensing and emerging real world problems of various kinds faced by the indutries and the society on both the technological and envoronmental fronts.

To be a world class Institute that specializes in various application areas of GIS and Remote Sensing technologies

To facilitate world class practical training in GIS and Remote Sensing and take research to the next level

The Geo-Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing and Earth Observation Institute is concerned with courses that relate to GIS and Remote Sensing, as well as other earth observing technologies that are used as research tools. These technologies can be used in various disciplines and fields, to manage projects, analyse data and to present the results in an easily understood format for public consumption.

These research tools are geo-spatial in nature, meaning they attempt to describe any geographic phenomenon (activity, event or process) that takes place on a geographic space. Thus, geographical referencing of these phenomena is necessary to identify them with a location.

Geography is concerned with answering the what? where? how? and why? questions that describe any space on the earth’s surface. The what? question refers to the name of the geographic phenomena, while where? refers to the location. How? refers to the distribution and  the why? question attempts to explain the reason for the distribution by demonstrating the relationship between various geographic phenomena.

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