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Mobile Data Collection for GIS Experts Course

Field data collection usually involves much paper work. By using an Android smartphone or an Android tablet, field data can be collected with all the advantages that electronic data gathering brings (value input control, skip logics).

Data is gathered in situ with the data records stored on the device. Once the enumerator is within range of a Local Area Connection, Wi-Fi or mobile phone data connection, he/she can send the data to a central server.

 Data capture includes GPS coordinates for real-time mapping of responses in Google Maps, or near-real time once the surveyor has an internet connection to send the collected forms back to the server. Linking data to spatial location aims at improving decision making.

The course covers the steps to develop applications and its delivery is through slides, hands-on computer exercises, demos, hands-on tablet/phone exercises and use of other PC applications

The course is designed for representatives from government, project teams, NGOs, multi and bilateral development organizations, consultancies, etc., that are typically employed as project managers and directors, GIS experts,M&E specialists, technical specialists, and researchers.

5 Days


  • To enable the individual to create X-forms compliant questionnaire using three different applications which will include skip logic, graphical questions, and cascading select question types, single and multiple selections, calculations, multiple languages, media and geo-location input.
  • To enable participant to install and manage a central server on the Windows platform for data aggregation /use one of the free on-line storage services (KoBoToolbox).
  • To enable the participant learn how to set the various parameters of the Android application for optimal usage.


  • Upon course completion, the participant should be able to:
  • Explain the purpose of ODK and KoBoToolbox.
  • Utilize each of the tools of ODK and KoBoToolbox set of applications.
  • Digitize a questionnaire form using different applications.
  • Manage the aggregate central server in terms of users, rights, form uploads/downloads, filters and exports.
  • Read and modify and/or debug a form in its XML format.
  • Download, use and modify the parameters of ODK collect and Kobo Collect for optimal use.
  • Incorporate advanced form features such as picture questions, cascading, repeat groups, multilingualism, calculated variables, photo and sound variables, and graphic annotation.
  • Geotag forms for visualizing them over desktop and online maps.

 1: Introduction to mobile phone data collection and Spreadsheets Refresher.


 2: Setting up aggregate server with Google App Engine.


 3: Designing & building an XForms.


 4: Uploading the form to aggregate & downloading to Android phone for data collection.


 5: Setting server preference on android phone.


 6: Data collection: Capture field data, Capture GPS coordinates, capture photos, record audio sounds and videos.


 7: Submitting completed data to aggregate server


 8: Exporting data from ODK aggregate as CSV,kml &JSON


 9: Importing CSV file into statistical applications


 10: Exporting GPS data for Mapping/Visualizing (google fusion tables, Google maps and QGIS)



The instructor led trainings are delivered using a blended learning approach and comprises of presentations, guided sessions of practical exercise, web based tutorials and group work. Our facilitators are seasoned industry experts with years of experience, working as professional and trainers in these fields.

All facilitation and course materials will be offered in English. The participants should be reasonably proficient in English.


Upon successful completion of this training, participants will be issued with an Indepth Research Services (IRES) certificate.


The training will be held at IRES Training centre. The course fee covers the course tuition, training materials, two break refreshments, lunch, and study visits.

All participants will additionally cater for their, travel expenses, visa application, insurance, and other personal expenses.


Accommodation is arranged upon request. For reservations contact the Training Officer.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Mob: +254 715 077 817

Tel: 020 211 3814


Payment should be transferred to IRES account through bank on or before C.O.B 28th November  2019.

. Send proof of payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 


Payment for the all courses includes a registration fee, which is non-refundable, and equals 15% of the total sum of the course fee.

  • Participants may cancel attendance 14 days or more prior to thecommencement date.
  • No refunds will be made 14 days or less to the training commencement date. However, participants who are unable to attend may opt to attend a similar training at a later date, or send a substitute participant provided the participation criteria have been met.


This scheduled course can also be tailored for your organisation. To find out how our tailor-made training can help your organisation, call our team on

Mob: +254 715 077 817

Tel: 020 211 3814

Please Note: The program content shown here is for guidance purposes only. Our continuous course improvement process may lead to changes in topics and course structure.

Event Properties

Event Duration 5 Days
Event Date 04-11-2019
Event End Date 08-11-2019
Cut off date 28-10-2019
Individual Price(Kenyan) KES 75,000
Individual Price (International) EUR 878
Individual Price(International in Dollars) USD 999
Location Mombasa, Kenya
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